After and Before (Felix Gonzalez-Torres), 2011-13
Broken light bulbs, lamp holders, cable

This work restages the light curtains that Felix Gonzalez-Torres first presented in the 90s. The bulb threads employed by the artist recall those used to dimly illuminate small villages celebrations and festivities (at least in Spain), therefore transmitting an idea of happiness tinged with melancholy. After and Before reflects about the time of changes we live and about the loss of ideals fostered by this morally conservative moment. The ‘party’ is now full of broken bulbs, their sharp beauty unable to surpass the longing for a tomorrow that won’t be if we don’t react in the present.

After and Before (Felix Gonzalez-Torres nº1), 2011
Exhibition views and detail

After and Before (Felix Gonzalez-Torres nº2), 2013
Exhibition view